It wasn’t as frightening as I had originally thought.

I suppose after you’re introduced to the concept behind rings, I really don’t see how it has the same fright factor. Also, this is a sequel to the franchise. Initially I was prepared for the worst, I usually startle easily; especially from load sudden noises. Then again, who isn’t right?

So it starts with a scene in a plane, people die. Then Leonard from the big bang theory (who funny enough, plays a professor) picks up a girl while looking at purchasing a VCR. While fixing the VCR at home, it ejects a tape which he watches and then…

Seven days….

Spooky huh, trust me I know you’re quivering as you read. So without spoiling the movie, because that is basically the intro; I’m going to stop discussing details. However lookout for the King Pin from Marvel’s Daredevil series on Netflix.

My question to the writers is, if people are dying from seeing this video; wouldn’t people pick up on this through word of mouth? Seriously, after a while the body count will start rising; people are going to ask questions.

Overall: I wasn’t too pleased with the movie and definitely would recommend this as a rental.

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