It’s very rare that I type before noon.

With my sleeping schedule, I am rarely up before noon. It’s kind of a refreshing, I guess. But i would have to say I wouldn’t give up talking about schizophrenia with people who have been diagnosed on Twitter.

Or discussing other issues with any mental health disorder, such as treatment and recovery. I swear, in a past life I was a psychologist. Or a surgeon, I really am torn between the two professions. What bothers me is how unaware people are of their own vulnerability.

There are so many illnesses and diseases that could destroy whatever life that you have going for you, or severely cause excruciating amounts of stress; yet, no one even stops to think. What’s more disturbing is that the many people don’t really have any empathy for those illnesses that are invisible.

Last night I met a young woman (or lady, she is quite young) with cystic fibrosis. She shared the exact same view of people’s outlook to issues of an invisible injury, it’s a frustrating purposeful blindness. It really makes me think about how much people take for granted and how willingly blind they are to certain things; maybe that is the key to having a great life though.

I mean if it’s going to happen, let it and just live accordingly; that’s my “manta” I suppose. Why is it that they treat others will so little respect?

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