Sumo Cyco Collaborates with Benji Webbe of Skindred, What Kind of Writer Am I?

The song is called “Move Mountains”, and the music video can be found here; You can also purchase it for a measly dollar on their website, I’m sure they didn’t release everything to Youtube.

Sumo Cyco is a high impact, very energetic band. I have been to a few of their concerts downtown, they draw a lot of great people and great crowds. However at one point it got a little rough, but not so rough that I was in fear of losing a limb.

Just enough rough, hey that rhymes; I should be a rapper.

Although at Sumo Cyco’s concerts you’re going to have to watch out for the photographer. She totally doesn’t want you messing up or stealing all the good shots. Even though I shoot like shit, but still I suppose I’m threatening enough? Right on, because I’m so gangster.

The song originally didn’t have the addition of Benji, and his style of voice adds a nice touch. Originally I thought I could do writings for punk rock and I thought that I had a decent understanding of writing to do so. Of course there is more to it than that, I don’t have that “Punk Rock” style; the correct palette of words at my fingertips. I can vividly remember reading another piece of writing, and thinking “wow that was a well thought out line”.

Although this doesn’t mean I am going to quit writing, or just give up. I am a human who learns things everyday, especially between what works and what doesn’t. I just see myself writing different styled pieces now. It sucks because I really wanted to be a very relevant and definitely a versatile writer; someone who can wear various hats.

I remember hearing of this field of “Data Journalism” and thought that this was to be my future. Just maybe….



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