Are you really a feminist?

I can’t tell you how much I’ve grown to hate women who call themselves feminists. I hate the men that support these stupid fucking women, who call themselves feminists. I don’t hate women, or feminists as a whole. I just hate stupid feminists, the ones that use feminism for personal gain.

You go girl!

This semester I embarked on return to university, in a way, I myself didn’t prepare enough for. I took an entire FULL course load, with my disability this proved to be very taxing. I must have gained like 20 pounds at least, I don’t even go to the gym anymore because I was trying to keep up with all my studies. One of my courses, Introduction to Gender and Women’s Studies, proved to be eye-opening and equally frustrating.

In my time as being whatever I was, it’s probably easier defining what I was as what I wasn’t, I had my fair share of run-ins with feminist activists. I literally fell for the lead singer and a feminist punk rock band, if I had listened to her lyrics I would have known that this was not going to work. A lot of what feminism really is, is not what “feminists” (mainly white “feminists”) are actually fighting for at all! One thing that totally blew me away, is disability rights, ableism and what is considered disability. I am also ashamed of myself, because I am disabled, and I say that I am disabled, yet I wasn’t aware of these kinds of issues myself.

I read about the problems of disability in class, yet now that my courses have no more lectures, and I am less swamped with everything, I can really dive into the content. In my theatre class, I was introduced to a theatre company called Sins Invalid, I didn’t really give them the time to get to know them, as that Transgender part doesn’t really get at me as much. It also seemed as if their focus was more on transgendered than those with disability, and I mean I don’t blame them for that as there are more trans folk who are accessible to watch theatre than there are disabled individuals. Maybe it’s a mere exposure thing as well, but that is another story all together.

I was absolutely blown away when watching Patty Berne and Stacey Milbern, “Ableism is the Bane of My Motherfuckin’ Existence,” Barnard Centre for Research on Women (4 min 44 sec), ( talked about the difference between impairment and disability, and disability is actually systemically created!

This is how Stacey Millbern puts it, she is in a wheelchair, and she says that her impairment is physical. Usually, an impairment is thought of to be something like drinking and driving, where a substance like alcohol makes you temporarily dysfunction. If we change our thinking about the word impairment to refer to those that are disabled, it’s like having that feeling of being drunk physically, but all the time. When you are drunk, you stumble, you’re off balance and uncoordinated, you can’t really function as if you were 100% right?

That’s what I assume that she is talking about, being impaired is in itself like a disability. But having a disability is so much more, The way that disability is systemic, is clear though. Access, disabled people are not given the access they need to certain places, like having ramps to entrances, or the automatic door openers (that so many misuse, some of them aren’t even working all the time!). The inaccessibility of washrooms, and the misuse of washrooms.

I could go on about the struggles disabled people face, as those that are disabled are considered non-sexual, and a lot of disabled people feel non-sexual. I can’t tell how taking this course has infuriated me beyond comprehension, that I know look at feminist women with such disgust and contempt. I think intersectionality has destroyed feminism, and I don’t care what you think.

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