A Reclaimed Foothold


There is a lot of things you can study in life, outside of the normal subjects like Math or Machinery. You can study those too, there is no problem with choosing Math or Machinery to study, it’s just how far you want to go in knowing about those subjects. There is a field that probably would have drove me to the brink of my sanity in mathematics if I choose to take that specific route, called “Experimental Mathematics”. I don’t know too much about experimental mathematics, but if it’s anything like experimental psychology, my approach towards experiments and theories probably would have landed me in an asylumn.

Then I could finally live out life as a real “Joker”. Probably not, I don’t think I could play with people’s lives like that.

Recently, I have been reading Stephen Karpman’s paper on Script Analysis and his infamous “Drama Triangle”. It’s a free paper, it was written in 1968, he has a book that has been out of publication for over 20 years, called “A Game Free Life”. If you can find a copy, it’s something that I don’t suggest you pass up. The way in which the drama triangle is analyzed is through a process called transactional analysis. developed by Eric Berne’s in the 1950’s. Without delving too much into the psychology, or the history, I’m going to discuss this Drama Triangle.

The roles, Persecutor, Rescuer and Victim all have their own attributes. To but it simply, the Persecutor is seen as the bully or the oppressor, the Victim as the oppressed and the Rescuer is the knight in shining armour. The strength of “Drama”, equals to how many changes there are in between the roles.

The famous comedian Bill Burr has a skit about feminists, they act as the Persecutor, shaming men and calling them all sorts of names like “chauvinist”, a Persecutor role, until there is some imminent and impending danger, such as a fire, where these feminists proceed to play the Victim role, claiming that they are just a girl. I am sure Bill Burr doesn’t draw shapes and analyze situations like the way that Eric Berne does, or maybe he does, but his reasoning for why men earn more than women (which is factually incorrect, if you look at the meanings behind the math ladies) is because of the situation when the Titanic had sunk; when this happened, the men were told to stay back while the women and children went first.

Let’s take another example where we can analyze the drama triangle. I’m going to tackle woke politics, and it’s not going to be the prettiest picture. Let’s take a marginalized group, like BLM, and we will place them as victims, of being oppressed by those in power. Typically it has been said that it was the white males that were in power, so let’s make the females and males in power the Persecutors. In the Rescuer role, we will have the “Woke”, this can include those woke politicians, the white knights and their virtue signalling princesses, those political activists. This is a very loose example, in saying this I am sure there are people who are going to argue that what I an saying is demeaning and weakens the efforts of those marginalized groups of people, and whatever else i may be doing wrong. Just bear with me, punch a pillow or something.

These “woke” individuals, in their beliefs are actin as the rescuers, saving the victims that is BLM, and the are rightfully criticizing the persecutors, the males in power. What does this do though, besides making the Rescuers feel good about themselves, stroking their own ego and signalling virtuous moral superiority? They are cementing that blacks, poor blacks in this case, or disadvantaged blacks, are victims, and that they should stay within this victim mentality, that they are to blame their failures on the men and women in power. What happens now?

People who don’t follow the ideas of the Rescuers, the woke, are seen as oppressors. They are dubbed “Nazis”, ridiculed, made fun of. Now the Rescuers and the Victims have become the Persecutors, yet still maintaining the perception from the world that they are Rescuers and Victims, respectfully. The Persecutors, who are those men and women in power, now become the victims, as if they should feel bad about getting to where they are. Once I finish the book, I’ll be able to write a more meaningful post, about how the drama triangle plays a part in our social lives as well as how to escape this dreadful drama triangle. One key thing to note is that the more times you switch roles within the triangle, the more intense the drama triangle is.

So if people are bullying you, and you fight back, there’s a very fine line between being standing up for yourself and becoming a persecutor, might I remind you that Gandhi said “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”.

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