Shouldn’t I just write stuff?

I treat this as a website, a professional page, when all it should be is a blog.

A blog about my life, what is happening, my feelings, but I write as if this should be near perfect articles.

This is why though, I am always comparing up. I feel as if I need to perform as seasoned veterans in the field.

I need to be s good as Matthew Hunt.

But why though, I should be doing things that work for me. Yes I’d like to be as great and awesome as Matthew Hunt (have you seen his cottage?).

I have my own gifts and talents too, just because I am disabled doesn’t mean that I can’t work.

So maybe I should do a less editing my words, and more just saying them, I’m sick of thinking about things I write so much, just because a few people didn’t like what I had to say.

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