NFL Week 6 Picks

I know I usually deliver my picks during the week, but this week has been a little bit crammed (because we had Thanksgiving). I underestimated how short the week was and I didn’t plan my days correctly.

Last week was a better, like I said when I talk less I tend to do better, I guess I have more mental energy available. Or I am just the kind of guy who talks himself out of things. Tampa Bay beat Philadelphia on Thursday night, I was hoping that the Eagles would have their losing streak broken against the Bucs.

I’m not going to get all pretty with the Picks this week, I only get like 3 views anway. It’s also very late in the night when I am writing this so here we go.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Kansas City Chiefs

Los Angeles Rams

Indianapolis Colts

Cincinnati Bengals

Green Bay Packers

Baltimore Ravens

Carolina Panthers

Arizona Cardinals

Denver Broncos

Dallas Cowboys

Pittsburgh Steelers

Buffalo Bills

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