NFL Picks Week 6

So, when I didn’t explain my methods, I went 12 for 16. Luck may have played a part. teams not trying out different strategies may have played a part. whatever the case is, the numbers worked out in my favour.

Some of the teams barely won though, to me when I choose a team, they are going. to win, because that’s how it happens in my head. When they don’t, I can contribute that to injuries. which I don’t check because I never know who is really injured or who can play come their next game.

Really, there is just too many players and teams, and positions, back up players and their statistics (if they even have many). This week I’m going to try the same thing, I am not going to try and explain myself, probably because a lot of my choices or methods don’t make sense, or I don’t know how to explain it properly to have it make sense.

They worked last week though, just to let you know, Miami and Jacksonville are playing in London, England. Last week New York Jets and Atlanta did, and I didn’t realize.

Tonight, I’m taking Philadelphia Eagles over Tampa Bay.

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