A Slow COVID Resurgence

Do you think that is what will happen? I’ve been watching the numbers again as of late, even after my vaccination, and the cases count go down drastically, yet then slowly it began creeping up, approaching 1000 daily cases again.

On top of that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called for an election in September. Yet lately politics has been a game where playing makes you realize just how little of an effect you have on the outcome. Granted, I am not out there on the streets taking polls, or putting up propaganda for my party (vote “Tony the Tiger”, he’s GRRRRRREAT).

I feel the last 10 years, was a big waste of time, and the coronavirus didn’t help us one bit. Speaking of the coronavirus, China is still thwarting anyone’s attempt at a real investigation. There has also been rumour that China knew about this virus earlier than previously thought, and that it may in fact be a lab leak!

Who wants Trump back?

I was was watching a video on YouTube, Louder with Crowder where he interviewed a journalist that slandered his name. It was borderline defamation, and I swear he could have sued her, but I am sure that would have taken time away from the show, not to mention legal fees. I don’t know if she wrote the article in the paper she worked for, but if so he could have easily gone after the paper. She claimed that he is an alt-right comedian, which he said he isn’t and then she responded with something along the lines of “well, that’s your opinion”. She also omitted details, presented and framed information in a way that made him out to be a threatening person. It was an old video, 2018, yet I couldn’t believe that is what journalism had boiled down to. That was the year I got into my Journalism program and was ultimately expelled over some girls opinion. Yet this is journalism today I guess, more about girlfriend gossip than actual fact.

I am actually just recovering from an illness, which could have easily been an even worse illness. Yet it seems that every time I try and do something, I get sick! Which makes me wonder if I should move away, because it’s been like this for over half a decade. Well, I can’t complain too much; honestly, I have just been playing Destiny 2 and enjoying the ride. This season is over and right now we have started a new season, dubbed “Season of the Lost”. I am going to go download the update and get back to Destiny.

I promise more structured content in the future.

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