Let’s Get Going COVID fans!

You know, I found this tweet the other day. It read that a politician made horse riding, an activity to be open during COVID. Ironically, the tweet also read that he and his family also frequently ride horses. On one hand I have read that riding horses are great for your mental health, and on the other hand I winder if riding horses were opened again because the politicians family enjoys riding horses. Then it hit me, there aren’t many people who are looking for money because they need to ride the horse, people are looking for money to put food on their table.

So I hear, I make sure there is plenty of food for myself to eat.

It always seems like there is a battle between the left and the right, but really there is no battle, just two different ideologies. The reason that people fight over politics is because those two different philosophies are so intertwined with who we are and how we conduct or selves as people. What people fail to realize, is that whoever is in power, whether it be the Conservatives or the Liberals, Republicans or Democrats, they all work towards the best interest of the country at the end of the day.

Now that’s easy for me to say because I live in Canada, and I am sure there is a different story for those countries that see extreme corruption through their governments, or perhaps your government elected official; in your area is a crook, I don’t have an all-seeing eyeglass. There is corruption at all levels of power, and it’s almost as if holding power for too long can and will corrupt anyone who is too confident in themselves. Why?

Because they are always told they’re right.

Happy Monday, I literally just woke up an hour ago. I wrote an explainer on Destiny 2’s sub-game Gambit, so look out for that this week. Anyway, I also got the prompt to talk about racism through my Reddit account, in the form of a warning that I was bordering the lines of racism and evil. Isn’t that what I am supposed to do if I want to enact change?

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