Weekend Closes With 1000 Daily Cases.

Well this weekend saw Ontario hit over 1000 new daily cases, which is a first. Yesterday, it was reported that Ontario had surpassed the 1000 mark of daily cases.
Probably the worst part is that I never got to go to any cool Halloween parties before COVID hit.

Well, I went to one a long time ago, of course being the old man I am, I fell asleep, and my friends decided to balance a beer bottle on my head. And succeeded.
The election is looming in the United States, just a little under two weeks. It’s so sad that America wants to make the move toward socialist policies. In my discussions online. Americans feel that America has always been a right-wing country, I mean they had a democratic president before Donald Trump.
Looking into Obama care, and President Trump said he had dismantled the individual mandate, which required that Americans had insurance or would be subject to pay a fine, makes me wonder what ObamaCare was really after. I am not saying that I know a lot about American healthcare, Medicaid, The Affordable Care Act, but to me it looks like President Trump is giving Americans access to medical aid.

One person could look at that penalty as a “tax”, if it were a charge on top of all other charges that the hospital would charge a patient. The other way to look at it is if it were the hospital/government covering its own administrative fees, whatever may be allocated with that, and that is what the penalty is supposed to cover. To me that would make a hospital or doctor visit less expensive and that in turn would deter people from going to seek medical advice or assistance.
There is so much questionable events happening with Canadian Politics that I just gave up. If you can’t see that Trudeau and friends displayed textbook cronyism with the WE Charity, then I don’t believe you should be able to vote in this country. They have obviously thrown ethics out the window on this, yet perhaps those that support Liberals are just making too much money to care.

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