Breaking News – Abuse and Neglect in Long Term Care Homes in Ontario. (Updated with Doug Ford)

In rather breaking news, there is nursing home abuse and neglect in 5 Long Term Care Facilites in Ontaio. Much of this morning’s message from Trudeau was expected to concern the procurement of Personal Protective Equipment, such as masks, gowns and ventilators. In a shipment from China, 9.8 million masks did not meet the standards set by Canadians. On that note, domestic production has been increases, with General Motors being awarded a contract to manufacture 10 million masks. Working with Dr. Art McDonald, his team and the company Vexos are going to be building 10K ventilators.

In other news, it was announced that today the government has created 700 youth jobs to assist the farming industry.

Premier Doug Ford will be briefing Canadians, but most of all the people of Ontario at 1:30; therefore, I will be updating today’s report as more information is released.

The locations of these homes are:

Pickering (Orchid Village)
North York

It’s been reported that the there has been issues with health practises, where some nurses would reuse syringes with residents. Residents were not bathed for weeks and were left in soiled diapers, the food that they were served was rotten and there were insects such as cockroaches around the facility.

It’s clearly stated that residents that were sick with COVID-19 were allowed to roam the facility freely, and that nurses would wear the same garments while they treated infected and not infected patients. Also mentioned were residents that were quite obviously dying and in need of care, and they weren’t attended to. In 2019 there were only 9 facilities that received in person assessments out of 630 in Toronto.

Seniors were allowed to be left to sit in thier own filth, surrounded by flies  and cockroaches, with rotting food.

All of this was in a report given by the Canadian Armed Forces. Global news was the first to report this was happening.

Doug Ford and the Ontario government.

  • 4 out of 5 deaths are in from those long term care homes. Of more than 6000 deaths are connected to LTR

The Ontario government knew that the long term care homes had problems, yet they didn’t know the extent. The inspections of the long term care homes weren’t sufficient, and the Ontario government had asked for help, you have to live there twenty four seven.

  • These residents die alone, and those families have to grieve alone.
  • Military Extension at long term care homes for 30 days

The report mentions the poor palliative care, featuring neglet such as having residents in soiled diapers (previously mentioned) as well as aggresive behaviour towards the residents, the residents were given medication that was was expired, and the new staff weren’t properly trained as there were no medical doctors at the home.

Ford doesn’t know what is needed to fix, but is determined to make the any changes if needed. “Everything is on the table”, there is still the rpeort on long term care homes in Quebec.

Patients being fed lying down. Residents being force fed, residents left crying for help, residents whom have fallen out of their bed, were not being attended to. Doug Ford says that his father said that cleanliness doesnt cost that muchj to maintain.

The Ontario knew that the LTC homes had issues, for a long time yet they waited until the report to act, getting the hospitals involved. Though they knew that the system is broken, Ford said that he never imagined that things would be so terrible. First of all these people are overworked becuase they are understaffed, they are also underpaid and untrained in a lot of cases, what would you expect?

Doug Ford doesn’t seem to know the people he serves.

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