Ontario Falling Backwards, Liberals and Conservatives Caught, CECRA Program Opens

Justin Trudeau was late this morning to brief Canada from Rideau Cottage.

Before hearing what Justin Trudeau had said what he had to say to Canada, Bloq Quebecois leader, Yves-François Blanchet, had a lot on his mind regarding both the Liberal and Conservative government for dipping into the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy to take more money out of the economy. These political parties and governments have raised enough money, called “coffers” if you weren’t familiar with the term before, and shouldn’t have to take tax payer money. The Bloq has said that it doesn’t believe this practise to be ethical, or at all respectable, and does not condone this or take money from the people they work to protect, like the most vulnerable. The Bloq Quebecois leader said that he would not be discussing matters with people that partake in such actions, as he had several meetings with artificial intelligence firms and app developers, as well as the people of Quebec, who Justin Trudeau has seemingly forgotten about.

Justin Trudeau addressed Canada, noting that Canada has made a tremendous amount of progress yet in another Trudeau phrase he commonly utters, “we’re not out of the woods yet”. Meaning that yes we have made progress, and maybe we are doing a great job, but we still have to realize that this virus is serious and we could be looking at a resurgence of a second wave come the Fall flu season. On that topic, it’s worth meantioning that 60% of Ontario’s COVID-19 cases reside in the Greater Toronto Area. So it is increasingly important that we to take the proper precaution to avoid spreading this illness. Ontario was the last province to get on board with the expansion of testing facility parameters, and have only nit the mark of 20, 000 people tested a day 10 times out of the possible 23. What’s even more shocking is the apparent disconnect between messages that Premiere Ford gave about going to get tested, and the various doctors who are at these testing facilities saying that they aren’t able to handle a surge of patients in their facilities, whether it be due to having the proper equipment or the proper personnel. As a reminer, as Canada looks to re-open its economy, the trend of new COVID-19 cases in Ontario is starting once again to trend upwards.

Testing and contact tracing is still a growing need as it’s also becoming more of an importance, especially if concerning the second wave; thus, depending on our efforts now, we could prevent a second wave entirely according to Trudeau. A problem that concerns many Canadians is having to choose between going to work and making money to support their family or staying home sick because they may be potentially sick with COVID-19. This is especially a concern over the fall flu season that will be approaching, yet today it was announced that that employees will be given access to 10 sick days per year. For the small business owners and entrepreneurs, the is a telephone line that has been specifically endowed to you to connect with accountants and other professionals to answer your questions. Also mentioned was that if you have to file your T2’s, or T-3’s, the deadline to do so has been pushed back until September 1. Today is the first day that landlords can apply to Canadian Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance Program, head on over to https://www.cmhc-schl.gc.ca/en/finance-and-investing/covid19-cecra-small-business.

Here’s a breakdown when you can apply.


Day Who should register?
Monday Property owners who are located in Atlantic Canada, BC, Alberta and Quebec, with up to 10 tenants who are eligible for the program
Tuesday Property owners who are located in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario and the Territories, with up to 10 tenants who are eligible for the program
Wednesday All other property owners in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario and the Territories
Thursday All other property owners in Atlantic Canada, BC, Alberta and Quebec
Friday All

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