End of the Week

The COVID-19 pandemic has really shown people what it takes to be in the medical profession, a writer on Medium, who is also a medical professional, compared fighting this pandemic to fighting a war (it kind of is I guess) and that when it was over, that she was going to leave the medical profession.

Obviously, she picked the wrong career.

Saving people is your job, and if running into a rough patch is the difference between doing your job and quitting, then I am sorry but quit, fucking leave. Talk about privilege. Today, I read of this N-95 manufacturing facility where the workers, agreed to leave their families to eat, sleep and work at the manufacturing plant. That’s sacrifice, it wasn’t compared to war, it was necessity. I wasn’t aware of the extent to which people are going in order to help the cause. I was aware that people were trying to do what they can, like that brewery in Toronto, that stopped producing their beer and switched to producing hand sanitizer, but I doubt they are running 24/7.

I doubt that they have left their homes, to work at making hand sanitizer for a month straight. I also want to highlight the damage that this is doing to our economy. Did you hear about the price of oil futures being negative? Basically, that means that there is excess supply, our entire economy has been shut down for a while now and it doesn’t look as if anything much will change. Trudeau says it will take time to return to normal.. What about a vaccine though, China had a vaccine that worked on gorillas, and they were set to start human trials sometime around the 16th of April. This bio stuff is fairly interesting, when I found out the animal virus deceives our immunity system to not recognize and defend against the attack, it’s as our body is like a stupid machine.

Journalists are tearing apart some politician on TV, quite frankly it’s about time.

Speaking about politicians, Trudeau has announced that eligible small business owners will get a 75% percent reduction on their monthly rent (given that rent cost is under $50, 000). The Canadian government said that they understand what this has done to those small business who now have to grapple with the idea of not being able to reopen after this pandemic cools off, I haven’t been really attentive to what Trudeau or other politicians have been saying, I have just been more concerned with how I plan to stay alive, and what methodology would provide me with the proper defense I need against COVID-19. The rent subsidy, dubbed the Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance, will run for the months of April, May and June.

Nova Scotia saw a horrible tragedy by a denturist. It’s interesting if you read about it. I didn’t much, but the story kept getting more details like there was 19, not 18 victims, and then one victim was his girlfriend but she survived, and she was bound or something like a bad BDSM movie. I think some stories are better when you add a bit of imagination, I am kind of getting sick of always having to get the facts 100% right, like, honestly?, give me a break for once. Let me try and be a funny guy. Nothing is funny about a murderous rampage, and the lives lost as a result; yet, that doesn’t mean I have to focus on the tragedy.

Timing matters, I guess.

So said that I read that a lab in China has developed a vaccine that worked on gorillas. The human trials were set to start on April 16th, don’t know if that happened, researchers from the company Sinovac Biotech injected two different doses of their vaccine to a total of eight rhesus macaque monkeys. After two weeks, SARS-CoV-2 was introduced and none of the monkeys developed a full blown infection. Long story shot, the monkeys that received the high dose had the best response, the lower dose had a “viral blip” (whatever that means), but controlled the infection, but the control monkeys developed high levels of RNA in several body parts and severe pneumonia. Poor monkeys, the said that they are very hopeful on the vaccine, yet there are a lot of confounding variables, read more here.

Questions is, if the Chinese develop a vaccine, would you trust it?

Heading into the weekend, my mantra really stays the same, wear a mask when out, isolate, only go out when needed; for now. Maybe I will see you at the grocery store later this weekend, maybe not; we usually just send my dad to Costco. I used to go to Metro religiously, I like shopping there because it’s only really for myself. My mother goes with me, and she picks at the specialty items I buy, because I am not buying a thousand pounds of one item, I do have a little bit more flexibility on flavour. My mother is frantically cleaning and disinfecting the house, which is good because she tested positive almost 2 weeks ago no. It’s like living with an infected zombie in your life. Like the end of Shaun of the Dead, where people keep their infected zombie partners. I remember that blonde girl on that talk show that kept her zombie husband, a host asked her as if she was equally shocked and horrified, “Do you sleep with it?”.

Anyway, survive the weekend!

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