I guess this stems from my father, he is always saying to be patient. Telling me to wait, or my letting my mother have her way.

My parents don’t really care about me, and after my car accident my fathers family seeminglty thought that I was “finished”. I guess this is where my father’s side of the family (and my father consequentlydecided that I wasn’t worth anything.

This is much of how society treats me, and I so hate it. Basically, everyone gets to go experience life but me, because my parents think they have absolute control of me; as if being disabled means that I am no longer an autonomous human. Anyway, enough of my adoloscent rant, let’s get on with some real topics.

I was reading an article on the political climate of schools in the US. The culture of triggrt warnings and microagressions plauged colleges and universities across the country; probably abroad as well.

It’s quite astonsihing to discover the origin of microagressions stem all the back to the 1970’s. In psychology (of course) they had used the term to describe subtlee, racist “remarks”. Of course, leave it to the university students to durastically take the term microagression out of context and into their selfish little hands.

Of course there are words like catasphorizing, and magnification, which you could probably guess, are when people take “negative events, and turn them into nightmarish monsters”1. It’s no wonder why most men are even afraid to approach womem, and unfortionately, I fall into that category. I remember when I was at the Blood In The Snow film festival and they perused my Facebook and then revoked my pass with no refund, because I made a joke about rape.

I don’t even remember the joke, but it was tastefully done.

On second though, maybe not. I don’t even think I made the joke, I commented. What ever, they suck anyway. That’s what I meanm like I photograph, well I used to. I would take some pictures just for memories, some of my friends and what not; and this b***h had the audacity to call me out for not asking him for consent. Long story short, the next week I found myself suspended from my Journalism program, later to be expelled.

The problem is that if we have this policed campus culture where feelings and emotions override rational thought, how are the teachers really preparing students for the real world? Is this hindering, by always facouring one side and not introducing conflict.

Especially when these same type of brain patterns have been identified bt cognitibe behavioural therapists as the same patterns that produce depression and anxiety.

I don’t know anything apparently though.

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