Tis’ Winter!

I usually like writing, but it’s hard to want to continue when all you get is negative feedback, yet I get a few positives here and there. I think the weather is what really has me wanting to sit in my room, with a cup of coffee and just type away. Yet I feel like most of the day, is not usually used for this (unless you work for as a journalist or writer).

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of requests for answers on Quora, where I decidided to quit using the platform. I left 95 unanswered questions. It was a hard move, as I genuinely do like helping people, I didn’t go to school for free.

Man, I really hate the cold.

Maybe there will be some topics later this week that I can write about, not just my misadventures and run ins with false prophets claiming authority figures. We as a society love the idea of vigilante justice, it sickens me. I just got allowed back on Facebook and I read a post of people cheering that a man charged with child molestation was murdered in his cell, it’s like the world has learned nothing.

I guess the history teachers haven’t been exactly the greatest.

I am writing this mundane and useless post because I need to get back into the habit. I shouldn’t be paying for a blog, a Medium membership, subscribing to The Globe and Maol, The Toronto Star and more mediums off media if I am not going to use them.

Two males were shot dead just two major intersections North of me, and like four east of me. That’s fairly close to a life ending situation, so yeah. The amounts of death threats, threats of assault, and verbal harassment I get, it’s fairly worrying.

It’s like they’re getting closer, and closer. Although, I think my hood is good.

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