I Don’t Own You.

Yeah, well that is the language that I hear around females saying to their partners in todays society, “just because we fuck, doesn’t mean you own me”.

Of course men don’t own the women they sleep with, or date. I think people have taken this possesive pronoun or possesivve adjective, now which are both technically correct and incorrect. I have also seen it being called a determiner, which to me can be just as equally as debetable.

Find a single woman who isn’t debateable. in other words argumentative.I shouldn’t say that, maybe that means they just like you. Yet I’m going to.

Anyway, I don’t know where this belief that we essentially own our women came from, but I am guessing that it was some men who don’t know how to express themselves in terms of emotions or important attributes like trust and commitment, so that they are more used to using language like “own“; and some women whose high on her pedestal, usually quite concerned with womens issues. like the power imbalance, the second she gets the slightest indicator that her partner was getting confident that his relationship was solid, she needed to beat him down with her degree in english litereacy and introduce a new sense of uncertainty in the relationship.

Meanwhile, she still fucks him, and goes out on dates where he is paying, and if they get married, for some reason she is entitled to half of everything?

The amount of sheer dominance that women have had over the relationship game is uncanny. But feminists need more rights for women, they need to feel more secure and safe; we now need to kill of masculinity and enter the dark ages of estrogen?

I think not.

It seems almost like women want to own everything, with no strings attached. They don’t want to do the same work, but want the salary and title, they don’t want to have anyone claim ownership to them, but they want at least half of your stuff in the case of divorce.

Yet they are the ones screaming “Equality“.

I don’t own you, but I trust you; to be committed and loyal. Apparently every guy isn’t loyal though right, oh how could I forget your royal highness.

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