Maybe It’s Time to Hang the Towel Up?


I just want to say I know a lot of you read my posts and like to take my words out of context, I can’t stop that, but these are my opinions and not my actions. I don’t advocate assaulting women.

To reveal the biases that plagues males since the first time we engaged with the opposite sex. I’d like to think of a time when you were a young lad, a girl may have been annoying you. You get into rough play, or an argument; you’re both implicitly engaging in competition. What happens when you start winning, usually a girl screams “unfair” or she begins to cry.

Then the dumbass parents ensue. They give you the talk, the “a man should never hit a women” talk. I get why, it’s a clear mismatch in most cases, a male is undoubtedly stronger than a woman (on average). So men have made laws under “the patriarchy” to combat this issue; makes sense right?

However, it’s gotten to the point where men are required to sit back and take abuse, even if they are being socially ostracized. If a woman speaks and offends the man, he is supposed to laugh it off, even if she is out numbering him with her entourage; there’s always help with strangers and regular bystanders as well. Why is it when a woman gets offended, the world stops and she is given a free pass to hit the man?

Dave Rubin Reports on an incident displayed between a man and a group of women on a New York subway car F.

I found it interesting that Dave Rubin said that a man should never hit a woman, and I don’t know if any man would hit a women, at least voluntarily. In fear for his safety, I think there would be plenty of men that would.

I don’t know who was in her entourage, but there were people who rushed to her defence, including what I believe to be another dude. To me it was a battle of wits, they had back and forth arguments, where the man never struck her, but after a comment of how she looks 90, she firmly closed her lips and swung at him, which he then swung back and the rest of the video is chaos.

So when a women loses a battle of wits, she goes to violence because she knows the laws are in her favour? Why are men supposed to restrain ourselves and women just given a free pass, and why aren’t law makers addressing this. This isn’t old news, it’s been this way for as long as I’ve known it to be. Women have been enjoying this luxury for far too long, I know many of my uncles have had to endure this same treatment from women.

I have had to endure the same mistreatment, even though I am disabled. It’s like me walking around life with a handicap. See what I did there?

Yet, there is no compassion for me whenever I speak about physical abuse, even if I was in danger; it seems like I would be the one in the wrong if it were against a women.

This is what I see, women enjoy the ability to aggravate, and even hit men because they know that if the roles were reversed, police, society, probably your own parents would let it happen.

I don’t know where I stand on this issue anymore, I have been pulled out of school twice for my writing on issues like this, I have had police show up to my door unannounced twice. I’ve never done anything, it’s all under some flawed predictive basis.

I can’t say, that no matter what, men should absolutely never hit women. Because women don’t care about you or your life, so what the fuck. If you don’t protect yourself, who will?

We don’t have a Judge Dredd, just a flawed justice system. I hope you didn’t think I was going to quit writing.

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