Jesus Knows The Truth!

Crazy right? Everyone else had been telling the truth, this lady took a lie detector test on Dr. Phil; and failed. Afterwards she began to cry, and claim that Jesus know the truth, even after her now husband sternly told her to stop it.

So, I feel into a Youtube trap, not a wormhole; just a trap. I was watching Steven Crowder, then I started watching Jordan Peterson, then I watched the police interview of Paul Bernardo (shot in 2016, I know right; like where the heck have I been?). Then I got feed juicy bits of Dr. Phil videos.

“10 Times Spoiled Kids Got OWNED By Dr. Phil”

That’s where I started, then there was a video about a sexually active 14 year old. I decided that I would click that, and funny enough her mother is the one allowing her to do this, as well as drink and do drugs. Man, America.

Yet there was another video about a man who was accused of having sex with his teenage daughter. The messed up part is that the daughter believes this to be true, because her mother told her so. However, when the test results were revealed, when the father had said that he HAS NEVER touched his teenage daughter, the results came back that he wasn’t lying. The next part kind of confused me, the girl started crying asserting that she loves her mother, and ran into her step-dads arms.

Maybe the man was a shit-head of a father and an equally as garbage husband. But he wasn’t molesting his daughter, and yet that is what the mother has convinced her teenage daughter of. Then when she was asked to go ahead and take a lie detector test, it happened that she failed; surprise surprise.

She then started to cry rather unconvincingly and proclaimed that Jesus knew the truth, and wouldn’t stop saying that. However at the time of opening the results of her ex-husbands results and then hearing the verdict, she looked genuinely surprised, worried, and a bit shocked like someone just broken through her defences. But I can honestly say there was a bit of anxiety in the ex-husbands eyes as well.

But man, if she had lied to her own daughter for 15 years, and thus ruined the relationship between her daughter and father. That’s some serious selfishness, then again that guy could have been a piece of shit. Maybe, that was the only alternative to get this guy out of her life and raise her daughter the way she thought was the best way possible, that’s why she believes it was the truth; that this was the only way.

I don’t know, but apparently Jesus does. Crazy how much of a strangle hold a lie can have on someone, or religion.

Same difference.

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