I’m Being Blackmailed!

To quit school.

Or framed, they are trying to pin “the advocation of violence against women” on me for my writing, the school is trying to say I advocate violence. We already had a meeting, where everything seemed to be understood. Maybe this is the price of being a famous writer?

Hahaha.. famous.

There was a literally a point where one of the “Student Safety” people questioned my motives to doing research involving Incels, MGTOW and the MRM movement while I was studying Feminism (particularily 3rd Wave). I also didn’t say how I researhed the LGBTQ and gender identity politics. I did speak of TRP, and few of my other subreddits I frrequented. I don’t see why it matters, the amount of time that I had spent with black-pilled Incels and Braincels of the like is minuscule, especially when you considered the main Incel group I interacted with, “Incelswithouthate”.

All this information, is information you don’t need to know, but I talk a lot and if you want to know; I’ve likely written about it. However, aparrently the article I wrote “Journalism is Going Great” was enough for someone to take me out of my program and suspend me as well as issuing me a trespass ban. I literally cannot go to school and do my work, or progress with my class.

The point is, I am not advocating for you to hit women; at the same token, I am not advocating for you to not hit women. I am completely ambivalent when it comes to the issue. Yes, I know as men we shouldn’t hit women, we hit harder (if you’re a woman, don’t go and try and “test” that; actually, if you want….). I’m not saying there aren’t cases where this rule shouldn’t be broken, or the opposite is true: I mean a woman cut off a mans penis and that ended up being a laughable mishap (she also drove off and threw it out of a moving car), how quickly we forget.

How would a woman feel, and other women react, if an equally crazy boyfriend cut off each of his girlfriends breasts and mailed them to opposite ends of their city? I could hear the protests now, I can almost imagine the amazing photographs of people standing in masses, dressed as two tits; “If God wanted breasts to be apart, woman wouldn’t be born with two” ,“Two breasts, one love”. Breasts would be on the helmet of every NFL player.

“Oh, but that’s different, she’s a woman!

Okay, I think I see it now. I am a bit vocal, and the reason everyone is trying to silence me is maybe I shed the light on issues they would rather have shut off or at the very least, dimmed? Through my writing, I never advocated for the harm of women; I just don’t do that. If you are reading my article, or my post and you somehow get the courage you needed to hit a woman, that’s definitely not my fault. You clicked on my article. you read my writing, and I am grateful for that, but this isn’t Mien Kampf. Perhaps you were just so close to hitting your woman, that all it took was a quick glimpse of my article and skimmed over “never advocated for harm of women”, and got “HARM WOMEN”.

Is that my fault, or the other persons fault for being inattentive?

You can’t blame me for actions of another person, no matter how much you twist my words. I can say I question the status quo in a lot of my articles perhaps, or in the way I question or comment on the writings of other authors, like Valentini, Gage, Blum, Hale or Wildfire (I hope they like how I use their last names like that). I like to think that I am an accomplished writer, or that I have a large following. 26 followers? Please, that’s barely a hockey team. The college is making my ego feel real good though, despite barring me from attending my classes and creating more barriers to my education and social life as a student.

The point is, they attacked me for an article I had wrote here on medium, and my personel blog. I have like a combined total of 30 followers, huge number I know. They didn’t however attack anything I have said on Quora.com, where I have amassed 100+ plus followers; I also have over seven thousand monthly content reads. I’d say that would be a bigger target, just putting that out there. If you want to scrutinize my work, then investigate all of it, not just the article(s) that justifies your cause.


(Even if they are using me as a teaching tool, why isn’t my needs ever being considered?)

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