White Women Can Be Racist, and That’s Okay.

I saw an article about this on my bus ride, so I decided it needed to be brought to the attention of more people and that I would write on it.

The Toronto-area Catholic school board had an online eruption of concern and anger after a book titled “The Guide for White Women Who Teach Black Boys” was found on the desk seen in a photo of a Brampton, Ontario Cardinal Ambrozic Catholic Secondary Schools newly appointed principal.

It’s a bit confusing, to make matters more complicated, the article (found on the Star Metro Toronto) quoted another district’s school board weighing, Dufferin-Peele Catholic School Board saying, and I quote, “has a provocative title, but is actually a helpful resource in tackling racial and cultural oppression in education”.

What if a white man is teaching a black student, what if he was found with this type of contraband lying on his desk? I don’t understand why black men can’t be educators in this specific case. What if it were a black women with a book how to educate white boys, and why do we need a book on how to teach specifically black boys?

I get that boys have been lacking in education, and women have been thriving; even before feminism took a stranglehold on our education systems. Quite frankly, I am so rattled how quickly society forgot how these same white women were treating our boys and men, especially our coloured boys. I was reading an article on Global News about this exact same incident, and Michelle Coutinho, the board’s principal of equity and inclusive education, said

“It is actually a case of a book being judged by the cover,”

So, when it involves whited women, white, Catholic women, it’s judging the book by the cover. All the other racist and biased assumptions, and conclusions is okay though. I can’t even tell you how infuriated I am, my ears are literally burning; that could be my eczema though.

Coutino goes on to say that “such materials are a particularly useful reference given how diverse the student population is in the district and at that specific school”.

Let’s stop here and reflect on the social justice movement of mid 2010’s.

The feminist movement of the mid 2010’s.

How badly would have people reacted to this being on a principals desk? Imagine if it were a male, if it were a non-white woman, would she have made a high ranking position? Should this book be allowed to be shown, or even possessed; even if it is effective. It seems that this “matriarchy” is just repeating what was deemed inappropriate by the patriarchy. Hmmmmmm…..

What would the early Justin Trudeau say about such an event in 2015?

What about now?

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