Great, The Dreadful Game 7.

Well, Babcock.

Get your head wrapped around that there are things that you probably don’t know.

Although there is probably a lot that I don’t know, I can only suggest things and hope that my readers don’t berate me. Some feedback would be nice, honestly. Now I’m sitting here, anxiously waiting for game 7. A reporter asked Matthews how cursed is he, like what the fuck dude. He’s not cursed, Toronto is just a shitty city.

Whatever, I live in a part of Toronto that most would say “Oh, you live there.” whilst being fairly unimpressed.

Babcock always blames these guys emotions, fucking wake up you old hack. No man wants to hear that they are too emotional, it’s like you are setting them up to fail. Of course, they have emotions, they’re humans. Now teaching them to harness that emotion, and to utilize it productively in their game is what separates a coach from a therapist.

Babcock, you’re not their father, their therapist, you have a set of players and you need to play with the people you have. I swear, this is probably what frustrates Kadri the most; I swear, if Kadri was still playing in this game, a lot of the Beantown Bullies wouldn’t be skating around like they own the place. If the leafs harnessed their emotions into their game, and they did it by abiding by the rules (by bounding their rationality accordingly), man, these Bruins are fucked.

This is game 7 though, I am hesitant to write this article because I don’t want to share any burden of a loss. I will probably feel responsible if Toronto happens to lose, yet if they win I don’t feel as if I contributed in any way. I said Toronto is a horrible city, but I don’t know if I could live anywhere else for as long as I’ve lived here.

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