Ahead of Game 6.

This feeling is all too familiar, we have to eliminate the Bruins, and move on to Round number 2. It’s all coming back to me now, the taste of hope, also, Toronto is ahead in the series, so if we lose, I mean we always have game 7 right? So now you’re telling yourself that there’s not so much pressure, we have support in case we need something to lean on when we lose.

It’s an illusion.

The fact that we have a way out, in reality, is what will bring us down; as a team, as fans all over this city. It’s that reliance, that each mistake that you make, isn’t that bad. That every play that the Bruins break up, every goal they score, everything that we give them becomes “alright”; we have another game. That’s where they get you, and believe me if anything can be like the last few years, that is where they had us. The Globe and Mail had written that “The Leafs need that killer instinct”, and I couldn’t agree more. In The Toronto Star sports section on the Leafs, Friday’s Mailbag had an interesting view that Bruce Cassidy was out coaching Mike Babcock ahead game 5. Well if he is, that didn’t seem to be the case, although there does seem to be a very cat and mouse style between these two teams.

Every time Toronto seems to have an advantage, Boston responds and at the moment, Toronto can’t manage it. It’s has been very back and forth, like a sequential game of chess, where I move and then my opponent moves. This leaves me to wonder, this is a hockey game, right? The Boston Bruins isn’t a team you want to play games with, especially this late into the series. How is it that they seem to have our number after every win? Is it that The Leafs stick to the same strategies that brought them success the previous game so Boston can learn what is the best way to beat the strategy the next game?

I’m just throwing this out there, that maybe that’s what’s been happening. Perhaps The Leafs and Boston have placed themselves in a sequential game, whereby game 7 rolls around, Toronto is responding to the strategy that Boston used the previous game; thus, Boston foresees how their strategy will be beaten and takes an alternate strategy to beat Toronto’s strategy that would have beaten Boston’s proposed strategy from Game 6.

So really, Boston is locking Toronto into a call and answer type of pattern, whereby game 7 they “defect” the pattern and leave Toronto with our dick in the wind.

At least it’s windy these days.

I kind of like writing about sports, although not during the regular season. I’ve never really tried, maybe once where I felt Kadri got shafted. I just hope that This year Toronto gets past these Bruins, and Babcock learns how to change strategies on the fly. So many people just tell me I should do something revolving around athletics, and others say I should stick with Mental Health and Psychology. But hey, in the words of Kumar from Harold and Kumar Go To Whitecastle; just because your hung like a moose, doesn’t mean you have to do porn.

I hear Bloor HotDocs is having a festival! As a side note, I would do porn.

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