The Disturbing Future.

Imagine that you are a sex robot. There are people you serve, well a person. Because you are not a “real” person, this person makes you a personality. This person has been mistreated by everyone around him, or for whatever reason just hasn’t been able to couple with another human being. This “master” will die, and you will be left with nothing to do, no one to serve, and because you are “property” you get reassigned or recycled. Most likely you’ll end up in a landfill.

Honestly though, Most likely because they are fucking selfish individuals to begin with and only consider their wants and needs, which is why a sex doll is probably good for them.

But what is the world coming to, this man (who I will call Mr. X) talks about the robot to others as if it is his wife; he frequently buys food for her (in the article it was a sushi) even though he knows she can’t eat it. Mr. X later had developed a personality and social media accounts for her.

Look at me, already assigning a pronoun to the sex toy, after all that’s really what it is. You can say whatever you want, you can think of it however you want; yes, there is the possibility that you can get attached to the equipment as if it were human. But make no mistake, it has no brain. When you think of the owners actually creating a new persona, it’s kind of creepy; essentially, it is a transgendered man talking to people (deceptively) on the internet. This whole idea turns me sideways, I can’t believe I am talking about this.

I just can’t fathom that this is an issue for some, they even had an end of life specialist weigh in on the matter; saying that these “relationships are not to be taken lightly”, which I can understand why; though seriously people?

What if we are robots? Every time we go to sleep, we are essentially “powering off”. Freaky. I hate this, make it stop.

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