As I write.

It’s really hard to kind of put a finger on what I write. I like to be exact and say that I am “a relationship guru” or an “interpersonal relationship expert”. But I also know a lot about personal development and growth, I also have a disability.

As it turns out, I am really into music and media. I know a lot about the music industry and also about the current culture. Like I have said previously, I am currently going to cover Indie Week Canada. So maybe I am going to pursue “Media Journalism“, rather I am going to pursue “Journalism” and see where I end up.

That being said, I just read an article on Medium about how hard it is for a coloured journalist to be heard, or that it’s not easy because it’s mainly a sea of white people with glasses and laptops.

“Well that’s what I heard.”

There was some other stuff, like how he was specifically told to focus on female political candidates that were running for office in Vancouver. What else is new. His boss, who happened to be female as well, when the author had brought up how he thought presenting the story in the way that he was told he needs to, was not going to work. (He was asked to present the story without the issue of race, and like I said, 8 out of the 10 elected councillors were women)

She of course said “No”, she had even previously send him a headline for his story that focused only on the female councillors. The interview where the issue of race and colour, and what the meant to being seen as Canadian, was not to be included. After she had said “the newsroom” was not a democracy, that is when he understood that she was right.

What then, are the issues that are to be discussed? I don’t understand how no one has a real problem with this, why are “woman-only” issues to be discussed?  This really get’s me, is it because they majority of the people aren’t part of the demographic that we should not care; or is it because not a lot of people think of race as important, therefore we shouldn’t either.

Whatever the case, I am having seconds thoughts.

— AA

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