Relationship abuse, I swear I went over this already.

How would you know if you friend, or a friend is being abused by his or her partner? Well in a study by J.C. Flanagan et al. discussing how avoidance is the most common coping method.

It makes sense, the people we don’t have a good time with is not usually with us when we decide to play touch and go (what us laypeople call “Tag”, I KNOW RIGHT? BLEW MY MIND). Abusive people tend to disappear from our lives as we get older because we learn, we don’t really have to put up with it.

The article, titled “The mediating role of avoidance coping between IPV victimization, mental health, and substance abuse among women experiencing bidirectional IPV” was written u[ 4 years ago. That means there are already people who are really knowledgable about this matter, 4 years ago. To give you an idea of how significant that is, I consider myself a fairly knowledgable person (comparative to the average) and I found my self reading some articles last year that were written in the 1970’s.

That’s almost as old as my parents.

That was last year, meaning on that particular subject, I was discovering information last year that the researcher had discovered about 45 years ago. What’s even more surprising is that if I asked my parents about it, they’d probably not have any idea of it.

In the article it said there has to be more research dedicated to intimate partner violence perpetrated by women and not done to women. Yet I found an article on emotional abuse written in 2013 that talk specifically about the kind of abuse that isn’t tangible! (I know it’s only A article, and it also says that there needs to be me more research into this as well)

So I have to read this article a little more thoroughly, but get this; it says when the researchers controlled for the type of abuse (being abuse causing physical injury, and abuse that is non-injurious physically; like giving your partner a black eye), it turned out Women were MORE aggressive than men.

More to come this week.

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