#metoo, Feminism, I’m trying to get back into blogging.


Well, I’ve taken a long break from blogging. I was just trying to find a new gym, but the search has proven to be more trouble than it’s actually worth at the moment. Yet again I see the world in a series of problems, problems that we will (without fail) indefinitely create ourselves; which leads me to agree with the view point that life is suffering.

So I guess I’ll write something on it, in a way don’t we use blogs the same way that diaries or journals are used? Except for the fact that now instead of writing your secrets and documenting your thoughts in private, you now have these ideas and opinions on the world that surrounds you! (With the hope that someone notices your writing and would say, “Hey, I want to offer you a job writing articles for my paper that pays a annual salary of $78,000!)

But honestly, that’s not why I write and share ideas! *insert forcefully smug smiley here*

When I first had met and befriended The Nude Dogs (Toronto Garage Punk) it was around the same time that the #metoo campaign had started. I immediately saw where this could go wrong, and have dealt with first hand experience of young – adult (yes, ADULT) women false accuse men of being sexually abusive. So I did the unimaginable (at least what I know now to be) and posted a comment on Facebook (there is my first problem I would say (I could just write a whole entry with the comments I use inside the parentheses)) that read something like this;

#metoo I’ve been victim of false accusations.

And the feminists on twitter just LOST their minds, not to mention the coward young males who blindly follow large groups of girls and support them in whatever they say; regardless of if it just or not. It was as if the idea of false accusations was so absurd to them, and I was just “making excuses, or mansplaining“.

I don’t understand if feminists are really fighting for equal rights, wouldn’t they consider both sides of the coin? Feminism doesn’t seem to like to consider points or alternative perspectives other than their own “men have power that they use to constantly oppress and belittle women“.  What about how women oppress men, nature and God oppress both men and women; yet no one is attacking these critical ideas.

We have already documented, well researched and published articles (with factual quantitative evidence) about how we have (by a large margin) ignored boys in education. Yet now we are trying to encourage more females to do things they don’t particularly like? Maybe they aren’t as good as their male counterparts, so now we push the boys down and change the rules to allow girls to excel?

And now we call that gender equality?

Here is the link to the research paper, written by some smart people at UofT, Dalhousie and UBC.

What’s even worse is that some women won’t understand because they had no brothers, they had no sons (as of yet), or they just don’t remember. The worst part is when the men band together with the women, men who have already fought through their “struggle”; they don’t know how hard it is now for todays generation of men. Yet, there are men who, like I said, cower behind women.

Here’s a good snippet on how women and men differ in aggression, and the fallacy that women aren’t as aggressive as men. It’s makes me wonder if the justice system is biased towards punishing men, and not women; the effects of female acts of violence are just as devastating as men (especially long term). So why do they get a bye?

If you’re interesting in the full interview (which I highly recommend if you have an hour or so to spare), you can watch the full video here.

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