They’re taking advantage of the consumer.

So before the new year, I took advantage of some deals on information deals, such as The Financial Times. As the holiday season ended, it was a very busy time; at least there is a lot happening.


But because I have other things on the go at the time, I always say I will fix it later, I will fix it tonight, I’ll do that tomorrow. It’s called procrastination, at least it could be seen that way.

If I’m studying or answering questions on Quora that help me solidify knowledge, I don’t want to have to switch mindsets (or as my professors used to say, wear different hats) because I will lose some key thoughts.

I know where I pick this up from, obviously not the same thought process. The behaviour is the same, it’s from my father. He always says be patient, or he asks me “do I have to do it now?”, “Can I do it later?”.

Anyway, I missed this month Financial Times deadline so I’m stuck with the 59.50 US$. I’m Canadian so that would be (60 X 1.20) – $.60, so $81.40 CAN, roughly. What the fuck.


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