Kali-Ann Butala @ The Smiling Buddha

So get this, we were in the basement. I missed the first performer, but hey I made it just in time for Kali’s set.
I honestly never knew this side of her, well actually I don’t really know ANY side of her well. Other than seeing her on stage as lead vox for The Nude Dogs (which by the way is a little explosion of everything you wished you did in school).

Kali showed me her the one she hides from people. It may be the greatest thing about her, and for a second or two, I got to see it.

“An intense moment of purity

I sat as I watched her bloom”

I swear to baby Jesus, she just stole the show, and whatever was left of our hearts as I know for a fact, they melted. At the very least mine did. I remember the first time meeting after a show, her mop like hair just drenched in the bands sweat, swept my face as if I was in need of a shower.

I can’t really say to much about her performance, other than her vocals were amazing; so much that if I were to ever have children, that would be the only voice I would want to put my children to sleep. It was that good (that was to exemplify how comforting her voice was, if I had children for sure I’d want their mother putting them to sleep). There was another band playing, but Kali had the focus of everyone in that room, even the bartender. There was a bit of sound problems in the beginning with the feedback, but it was no biggie.

If I had to complain, the chairs that we sat kept having me slide down; yet, it could have been my overly long t-shirt. Which was pink, that part is crucial, just to let you know.

The Nude Dogs are playing in Montréal, QCl’Escogriffe Bar Spectale. The Facebook event page is here.

ENJOY THE NUDE DOGS QUEBEC, alongside Death Proof and Ratchet Kill.

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