So I have this Mental Health brand online that really isn’t going anywhere, mainly because I have been preoccupied with other things; and frankly, no one really cares enough.

On second thought, I shouldn’t really say that.

My approach was wrong, I suppose. So Kognitive is getting a rebranding and make over this week and next. I want to take mental health and literally shove it in your face, with real life stories.

Basically, we’ll talk about how certain “personality disorders” can affect you (I put personality disorders in quotations because I found a lot of angry people slap the label of narcissist or psychopath onto their ex-lovers without really understanding the disorder). On Quora, I run into a series of people asking me questions about people with NPD/PPD and interactions with BPD, HPD and etc. and how they would act with each other; or how they should act around those type of people.

Also I want to help de-stigmatize these disorders, and disabilities and really connect with people through those means. What has been happening in the past is that I would spread news and whatever mental health crisis I thought needs our attention.

That didn’t go over so well.

But also I have a great deal of other things on my plate, and this is really more of a hobby.


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