The Big Clean

Well okay, so it’s Monday.

I had a fairly interesting weekend, it was a Saturday filled with music (as per usual), but this band was actually really friendly. I had met them before, so asking them to “Green Room” at The Horseshoe Tavern (basically where the bands get set before being thrown on stage to play.

This week I want to do a bit of cleaning, not a lot of typing but actually handwriting, Typing to me is more of a lazy man activity, I mean technically you can do it from your bed and not have to worry about a thing (Not implying that I’m writing this in my sweats from the comfort of my bed).

I was planning on going to Montreal to see the old town and it’s music culture; specifically it’s punk and hard rock scene. However, that isn’t happening until later on in the September or October. Recently I had a friend/musician post about male circumcision, a subject that isn’t really discussed; especially amongst most males.

Usually you see things that are pro-women, or something feminist or whatever. Whenever a male tries to discuss this, the women herd together like bee’s from a cartoon to form a giant fist to clobber the opposition. Most guys just watch in awe or laugh, that is because most of these “comments” on social media platforms such as Instagram are stupid, or bigoted or just a pointless one-liner that was said because it was most likely something that they, or one of their “boys” did.

When arguing about male circumcision, or debating it for that matter, the original content poster said that “just as males are not wanted to discuss issues that are predominately or solely about the female body, I don’t want any girls commenting on something that mostly guys have to deal with (not exact words)”. Which I don’t agree with, I mean girls do factor into this issue and in fact may be part of the problem in the first place.

I’m not going to get into this debate, it honestly drains me a bit and deters me from doing what I was planning to do this entire day. Just a few reminders: I am on, a new author for The Educational Blog, I also answer a lot of questions about subjects that I feel I am well immersed in (or have a large endowment of knowledge), this week I will be talking about the roles of banks and perhaps financial markets. Carla Harvey from Butcher Babies has a special promotion on her “published” book where you get a signed paperback and audiobook for $35 dollars, great idea for a gift,

Tomorrow I’ll update you with shows that I’m planning to check out, Tonight is God Module @ Nocturne. That may be cool, depends on what I can get done I guess.

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