“Toys R’ Us”, but not for us, people.


” What do you mean you, people? “

Okay so I haven’t written in a long time, been too busy enjoying the summer beer, food and music. Which is the way it should be, why aren’t you doing the same? I didn’t plan on writing but then this interesting story about my former lacrosse coach’s misfortune at “Toys R’ Us.

So here is the story in his words so there is no confusion;

Screenshot 2017-07-10 15.11.5319956081_1631300753571170_4832217214545215711_o

That’s really bad, you work hard for your money (just like everyone else, you’ve made a lot of sacrifices) and then they go and do this? You’d think that one of these big companies can give a guy a break! The guy just wants to do something nice for his son, and you can’t dip into that profit margin, you greedy selfish suits!

That’s some bullshit if you ask me, also I remember this one Christmas a friend wanted a Transformer toy that they advertised on sale, yet the company had made it so difficult to actually purchase the item it made it such a strenuous task for the man.

Toys R’ Us was a kids haven, but seeing their weasel way of dealing with customers, it’s no wonder my parents rarely took me there as a kid.

I didn’t know this about Toys R’ Us, I am actually really shocked at the way they are pushing the blame onto the consumer; by saying “Hey we’re giving you a discount, but not on what you want; it’s on what we (Toys R’ Us) want”. 


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