I haven’t written in a while.


I don’t even know when my last entry was, but it has felt like months ago. Not to great considering I wanted to build a following, then again; who really needs people?


Well the right ones at least, what I don’t understand is; why are the wrong ones always there? 

Because they can be.

So I took my mom to see Wonder Woman. I don’t know who is directing all these DC films, but the final fight scene is always the same style; large battlefield with dark lighting, some fire and end to end combat (mostly). 

Well I hope they change this for the Justice League movie. Because these origin story scenes at the end are really dampening my outlook. The story was kind of tiresome, but I mean maybe it was the way the script played out some scenes. The events (especially near the end) really grabbed the heart strings.

There were several good chuckles and jokes, that I have to say and give credit to the script writers. I found that the movie itself had little too many psychological “tricks”, see if you can notice them yourself; to get you thinking about it:

Was the other Amazons portrayed as sexy or appealing,

as Diana Price (Wonder Woman)?

Well it could be that Gal Gadot is just that stunning, but aren’t there other beautiful women that could have been cast as well?

I hoped my mom enjoyed it, she said she has never been out to a movie that late before; typical traditional Indian parents.

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