Sometimes, when I get nervous, I stick my hands under my armpits and then I smell them like this!

I don’t what to tell you, in my ideal life I am a professional dancer. Obviously, due to my accident I cant dance for peanuts now, but that’s my dream. I did use to breakdance, but since my accident my mind has changed, I want to be a professional ballet dancer.

Yes, a ballet dancer.

It’s so out of the ordinary, but it’s not only because I find women who dance ballet professionally gorgeous (with their beaten up feet). After one class of ballet, my legs felt amazing. I felt as if I might be able to run again, in fact I did. Then I lose myself in a dream, where I am a ballet dancer, part of a troupe. Somewhere in Europe, just dancing, and who knows, maybe I’d get back into hip-hop again!

Then I wake up, my eyes burn slightly and tears rolls down my cheek. Reality sucks,

So I got asked the question last night, why do I want to be a copywriter. Well to be honest, I don’t know. I like to write, I like people, I like research and analytics a lot, it just seems like a good fit. I do live in Scarborough, to me there’s not a lot of opportunity for copywriting here, people want. to direct me in other ways, like management.

My parents see that I subscribe to Rotman Management, but hey, it’s not because of the management. It’s because of the way they discuss management, they use science. About each article is almost like a research paper, although I haven’t had the time to read the issues recently, which does feel like I am wasting money, time and knowledge that can be learned. My grandparents on my mother’s side always took me to the movies, then when my grandmother started to get more and more ill from the damage caused by several of her strokes (she had an abnormally large heart, go figure), my grandfather goes with me, To this day, he does this (weather permitting), and my love for film was born. I grew up watching goofy movies, those that starred Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler, do you remember the first time you saw Dumb & Dumber, Happy Gilmore or The Mask? I remember that movie about the footballer, who wanted to play for Notre Dame so bad, Rudy, felt like to me the right way to be as an athlete. What about Me, Myself & Irene, or The Cable Guy. There’s Something About Mary and Cameron Diaz, the hair gel scene?

My question was, and still is, how do these writers come up with this stuff? A lot of film is some adaptation of a real story or something that has happened to them, maybe? i feel as if I am losing my creativity just by being stuck here, I want to get out there and explore the world. Honestly though, if i did that, it would probably be me just visiting a university, and maybe exploring the city life. Anyway, these are my thoughts for Friday, find a good comedy movie, a real silly one like Superstar.

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