How is a Borderline Personality Disorder different from a Bratty Female?

This is probably going to be a series of entries, Journalism is great; however, Journalists didn’t seem to like me or want to give me a fair shot.

I’ve been reading a lot on Personality Disorders, and I’ve noticed that the Borderline Personality Disorder was much like the Narcissistic Personality Disorder. As I went along with my research, I adapted my older “just collecting as much research papers, and academic texts” that I could possibly get my hands on, and I decided to incorporate online resources such as Youtube interviews with actual therapists on the topic of Borderline Personality and Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

They all came to the conclusion that borderline patients are much like narcissistic patients, as they have the same underlying framework. They both have the shallow ego, although with Narcissists you get the false representation of a strong, confident ego to support their self-esteem. Whereas the borderlines have a very weak ego, and sense of self. Both both of these disorders share something called splitting.

Splitting is when a person cannot hold two opposing beliefs about an object, or (big word approaching) the failure to bring together the dichotomy into a complete and realistic whole. Sometimes called black and white thinking, or all or nothing thinking, it’s a failure to incorporate the good(positive) side and the bad(negative) side of a person into one. How does this happen in Narcissists verse Borderlines?

Well the Narcissist wants to preserve their false reality, and protect their ego, any threat to that is automatically devalued and unimportant. Borderlines go through this phase of idealization and devaluation. Now there isn’t much consensus, and I’m getting different information from all these different sources, so it’s hard to really pinpoint how splitting between the two disorders are different, if at all. I’ve heard one of the therapists refer to Borderlines as the question, and Narcissists as the answer.

What happens is that I know what constitutes a disorder, or at least I have somewhat more of an idea than most people. Though when I go out and talk about these things to people, they start either getting defense, succumbing to confirmation bias or they start diagnosing their friends. What I get is that both narcissists and borderlines devalue, and they can flip flop between their decisions. Last night, I read an article that said that borderlines flip flop, and narcissists were more ironclad in their devaluations. However, if the narcissist assesses you, no matter how accurate their assessment is, they can move you from the bad side to the good or vice versa.

This is amazing stuff.

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