The Aftermath, Picking Up Pieces

What can be said, the COVID-19 lockdowns are easing, people are scared, select regions are going backward rather than forward; yet, all of this was suspected. Is this the second wave that they are talking about? This morning, information on the outbreak in New Brunswick from one careless doctor, who discounted the importance of having to isolate for 14 days when returning from travel; especially going to a zone like Quebec, Canada, a province in the country that has been hit the worst.

Living in an area surrounded by majority Chinese residents, I get the odd look here and there, so out of paranoia I am renaming “The Chinese Inquires” to “The China Inquiries”. My earlier posts, which can be deem racist and directed at Chinese people, because let’s be honest; if people wanted to they can find anything wrong with the slightest hint (in this example, racism) and use it as justification to have put you in an uncomfortable situation, without any evidence it seems. China has been accused of attempting to cover their tracks, as well as WHO has been accused in aiding China to cover their tracks. I did two bouts of research into this topic, if China was to blame or do they carry any responsibility.

When I had first started to scour the internet and newspapers online, there was so much information and data, there were a lot of articles written as well, but then as time went on the data started telling a different story, more emphasis was placed on portraying the news (like the timeline of events on the WHO website) that painted a picture that yes, China did all report everything in a timely fashion. There wasn’t any mention of the Chinese doctor who sounded the alarm and died either. I remember earlier that I would read an abundance of articles about Li Wenliang, and now there was barely one. Is this a cover up, you have to ask yourself why didn’t China even mention the previous times a virus had escaped from a laboratory, I think that the Chinese government is just frightened of blame and what blame affects. A lot of people hear that the accusations that the virus had been leaked from the lab, and assume that we mean that the virus had leaked on purpose. The issue is that where the virus had come from, whether it be the lab or a wet-market isn’t relevant to the solution. I get that, but several times a virus had escaped from the lab, don’t you think there should be better controls in place?

Since May of 2018, there was a trade war between China and the US, where each country would instill levies on billions of dollars of the other’s imports. Things seemed as if the cooled, then they had a little moment were they started at it again for a short time and then by December 2019, both countries has seemed to reach agreement. Then the coronavirus hit, which is still a huge failure of the Chinese Government in my personal opinion. However, some Chinese citizens don’t feel that way, or that the Chinese Government lied. You can view a debate between Americans and Chinese citizens here.

As of right now, there is a lot of news involving China, Canada has Meng Wanzhou and the Huawei extradition case with the US, there is already another debacle in China with Hong Kong and the police apparently shooting one protestor and lighting another on fire. Some trade between Australia and China has been suspended, and although China has denied the suspension to be linked to their dissatisfaction of Australia’s ask for an independent probe into the origin of COVID-19, there still seems to be economic threats directed at Australia. It was only the beginning of this month that the Boris Johnson and Donald Trump pushed for a inquiry into China and the origin of COVID-19. There’s problems with Taiwan, and Japan is reconsidering their use of the Chinese as main suppliers of goods. The questions of The World Health Organizations role in the coverup, if there is cover-up, and China’s involvement is still yet to be determined, although there is quite a big investment made to the WHO by China, namely $2 billion over the next few years. There is a lot of mystery surrounding Bill Gates, his role, the CDC, and the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation. It may be crazy to think that Gates had anything to do with this, considering he thought a pandemic, or a virus of this nature would soon rock the world, and he was big on developing vaccines. It’s hard to know, did he jus happen to correctly predict this would happen, or was it planned to have.

I don’t think we’ll ever truly know for sure, but I mean, maybe you know something I don’t.

You want to know how to persuade hate possibly to incite violence, read this guy.

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