Testing Push, Contact Tracing App, Data Sharing a Must

Currently, we met with more tragic news of a horrible accident. A plan in Pakistan, has crashed, killing all of the passengers near Karachi. Justin Trudeau offered his condolences to the families of those affected. The usual briefing er get in front of Rideau Cottage was pushed a bit earlier to accommodate a cabinet meeting in the afternoon.

Today’s issue lies with how we can safely re open the economy, Trudeau spoke to several premieres about how to exactly do that. Ontario and Quebec still see large numbers of cases, with Ontario reporting that there is 441 new cases as of today (via CBC). Both provinces are failing to hit their mark when it comes to testing, 10, 506 of 20, 00 and 11, 599 of 14, 000, for Ontario and Quebec, respectively.

In order for Canada’s economy to reopen safely, we have to focus on three key points:

  • Testing Capacity
    1. We are going to have to significantly ramp up testing capacity, Ontario’s Doug Ford is adamant when it comes to testing, urging the citizens of Ontario to get tested. Quebec’s Francois Legault, doesn’t seem to be as concerned as Ford already replied to the governments offer of assistance, where Legault as not.
  • Contact Tracing
    1. Contact tracing is a much needed measure, in order to identify those who are possibly carrying the disease. This way we can better stop the spread of COVID-19 from breeding.
  • Data Sharing
    1. The data sharing between provinces gives the much needed information in places that were otherwise dark. This will allow certain questions to be answered and allow insights into the behaviour of this disease that others wouldn’t have come to know otherwise.

There is growing concern over intellectual property and theft, as worries of Canadian research data may be vulnerable. Trudeau has reinforced that the CSE is the top of it’s field, and ensured that measure are already being taken to ensure the safety of our intellectual properties. Speaking of technology, soon our cellphones may be essential devices. Apple and Google are releasing software technology for a COVID-19 tracing application, and have said that 22 countries and several American States are on board. Many countries have tried to build their own contact tracing app, but have proven to be unsuccessful. Some notes that battery drainage was an issue, as the phone apps used GPS to track users; whereas. Apple and Google use Bluetooth technology.

Andrew Scheer had a lot to say about how the Government is only answering questions that they want, and not addressing the need of all Canadians. He feels that resuming parliament is key to having a democratic government, and is pushing to have members of Parliament deemed essential workers. The Conservative government believe that despite there being measures to enable a fully functional Parliament within the Health and Safety guidelines, Trudeau’s government still is reluctant to resume meetings.

Asians are facing discrimination and racism, which is unfair, because the real people that we should be more concerned about is the Chinese Government.

Have A Great Weekend!


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