CAF Snowbirds Pilot Killed, Borders Remains Closed for Non-Essential Travel

COVID-19 Numbers as of Monday, May 19th 2020. (via Google)


  • Total Cases : 78, 072
  • Recovered:   39, 228
  • Deaths:            5, 842

Percentage of resolved cases ending in a fatality: 13% (no significant change)


  • Total Cases : 22, 384
  • Recovered:   17, 898
  • Deaths:            1, 919

Percentage of resolved cases ending in a fatality: 10% (no significant change)

Good Afternoon,

Today was the first day that Trudeau had addressed the crash of a Snowbirds plane, killing Captain Jenn Casey, and injuring Captain Richard McDougall. Captain Jenn Casey was a former Journalist whom turned her services toward the Canadian Armed Forces. The Canadian Snowbirds have embarked on “Operation Inspiration”, which now undoubtedly shows Canadians the many risks our Canadian Armed Forces take for us, for something so simple as lifting our spirits and boosting morale.

As provinces move toward re-opening, store owners are still reserved about re-launching business. Alternatively, several Montreal business owners have expressed their desire to reopen, despite the current situation in Quebec.

Trudeau was question on various economic issues, one of which included the Keystone XL pipeline and whether or not America will undertake that contract. Some questions about international news, China of course, where he gave his usual answer “That they will face the appropriate questions”. Ontario looks at triple digits with regards to new COVID-19 cases, whereas in British Columbia has seen double digits over the weekend

The border has now been officially extended the closure for one more month, to June 21st. As we. As we are gradually reopening the Economy, Trudeau announces the extension of the Canadian Wage Subsidy and encourages Canadian business owners to hire, and if they still need help they can still apply with the Canadian Emergency Recovery Benefit, where they have also stretched further the bands of inclusion, to include businesses that pay through dividends. contracts and have not issued any tax returns.

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