450M for Research Institutions, May Long Weekend

COVID-19 Cases Update (via Google)


  • Total Cases : 74, 532
  • Recovered:   36, 747
  • Deaths:            5, 553

Percentage of resolved cases ending in a fatality: 13%


  • Total Cases : 21, 922
  • Recovered:   16, 641
  • Deaths:            1, 835

Percentage of resolved cases ending in a fatality: 10%

This Friday, we were met with a short briefing from Trudeau where he gave an important announcement that the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy, will be extended until August 29th 2020. Workers are the driving factors to the Canadian economy, there will be some adjustments to ensure all eligible Canadians are going to be included. This is for the rehiring of their employees and employees who were not hired when COVID-19 pandemic hit. Just a reminder that the CEWS will cover 75% of a workers wage to keep them on the payroll. They are also looking to relax the requirements, such as the constraint of you having to incurr 30% loss of income requirement. 

The Federal Government is allocating $450M to research institutions across Canada. This fund will be in addition to, and not as a substitute for other measures such as The Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy. This will help provide temporary support on wages, which will aid labs and research facilities which are in threat of or shutting their doors and turning off their lights. When asked about the extension of The Canadian Emergency Response Benefit, as the economy recovers, Prime Minister Trudeau insists that the CEWS will be more beneficial. If you want to have an idea why we push for the budget, CBC’s political journalist Vassy Kapelos reports that over the last 50 years, Canada as spent on average $250 billion per year, however, 10 weeks into the pandemic and Canada has already spend roughly $150 billion.

The CERB seems to have attracted a lot of fraudulent application. During the pandemic, this shock to the economy was fast hitting, and Trudeau chose to get the money out quickly instead of tightening the control measure with the CERB applications.This morning, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer criticized PM Trudeau on how The House of Common MP’s and how Parliament should be meeting on a regular basis. As of right now there is a weekly meeting with limited number of MP’s in person, coming from limited places around the country and a biweekly virtual meeting with members from all across the country can speak and represent their communities. Trudeau thinks this is the best alternative, given the current situation where members of parliament can address their issues for their respective communities and not just those who are within reasonable travelling distance.

As the weekend long weekend approaches, and the thought of retreating to your cottage, just to even check up on things, looms in the back of your mind, Phil Harding, Mayor of the Muskoka Lakes in Ontario leaves advises that everyone, should be wearing masks and other PPE to protect yourselves and the ones around. If you have to come up north, bring up your supplies, because of the COVID-19 constraints it says that “you don’t really want to spend your weekend standing in line for a loaf of bread”. Always remember that you are not alone. and there is always support for any mental health concerns. Just talk about it, to anyone, don’t give up.

Have a great long weekend, and stay safe.

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