Canadian Armed Forces in Focus, Special Funeral at 2pm ET

Last week, we heard of the tragic crash of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) CH-148 Cyclone helicopter – call sign ‘Stalker” – crashed killing all 6 passengers, the first of whom while attempting to board the HMCS Fredericton. At first we knew of only one passenger, a female from NS, who was identified in the crash. However, the names of the others were released at a later date, and more information about how the crash was in fact completely viewed by the entire crash by the shipmates who intended to receive the aircraft.

Instead, we were presented with ambiguous information, and a lot of misinformation, such as the remaining 5 passengers aside from Sub-Lt. Abbigail Cowbrough had not been identified. When the CAF knew exactly who were on board, what had happened; Justin Trudeau using an array of excuses that he has in his bag of tricks. When questioned during his briefing in front of Rideau cottage about the speed at which the information could be released, he pointed to the fact that CAF has protocols about releasing such information. Today, Wednesday May 9th, there will be a funeral held for those soldiers that have died onboard the helicopter, CBC covered the COVID-19 accommodating service at 2pm ET.

As long term care facilities continue to require help and support. the CAF have stationed 660 of the 1000 (doubling back, the number was later said to be 750) allocated troops to aid in care of the residents in 7 long term care facilities.  There have been 4 more identified as being in need. Yesterday, Bloq Quebecois leader Yves-François Blanchet pleaded with PM Justin Trudeau that the amount of Old Age Security is not enough, and those that relying on the old age security require more funds.

Not only are the seniors affected by not having enough money, they are also negatively affected by the COVID-19 closure of services, that some seniors to end up relying on these services to help them day to day. Granted, there has been a 100 year old woman who has recovered and survived from COVID-19, I would say that she is more of an exception. This has been a truncated report in light of todays special events, a more thorough report will follow later this evening.



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