I Need to Speak With Your Manager.


I get this feeling when I have these online quarrels with women, they are always “out to save the world from treacherous con-men”. Little do they know that the actually con-men are the one that side with them, just to get in their pants.

Of course, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram create this “safe space” for anyone to yell they’re opinions as if they experts on this subject. Increasingly, I am finding that the overall feel when you login to Facebook is akin to logging in to Wrestle Mania. I’ve never really watched wrestling, though you don’t have to in order to grasp the concept off people people trying to fight for dominance comment after comment, each reply their very own “powerbomb”.

(Okay, I paid attention somewhat to wrestling, I was so young and most of my fellow classmates were into it. I was into Power Rangers, Reboot, and the occasional Sailor Moon episode)

I don’t know why I get into these arguments, oh yeah, because I voice my opinion that isn’t a popular one; unlike these cowards. There was this photo of a women feeding her baby in a restaurant. Throughout the last few years, there has been an onslaught of social media videos that depict a woman breast feeding her child in public and people getting outraged. Then there is another person with the women, who goes on to interrogate these people as if they are doing something wrong.

Online there has been an exorbitant number of people who support this idea that there should be unanimous support of public breast feeding. Also, anyone that didn’t approve this idea were met with great fury. I commented that the woman in the picture is fine doing that and that she better not be neurotic mess, complaining about other people not being comfortable with what she is doing. Wrongfully (I guess), I just threw out the words “retarded women” without giving context, because apparently, I am a misogynist of sorts.

So a bell rang and we went at it for about 2 rounds before I just said, it’s fine if you’re going to whip your breasts out and feed your son in a public place, don’t be surprised that you get complaints because it’s also everyone else’s public space as well. A lot of people actually complain as if they are 100% right in what they think. For an example, there was another post over the weekend that depicted a man in a wheel chair with dirty hands complaining about people told to wash their hands over the COVID-19 fears.

Just because you’re in a wheelchair, does that mean you don’t have to wash your hands? It’s an absolutely absurd premise that started an argument. The worst part is that some random person user I think his name was Sean Simone, complained to the Facebook page exclaiming “Andrew Ahmed” argued with a man in a wheelchair. I guess people in wheelchairs are allowed to be infectious, diseased burdens on society. It’s ideas like these that make people not want to be around the disabled.


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