Andeluuu’s PSA

I see a lot of discrimination around me, manipulation and propaganda. My own parents are manipulative and abusive, as I imagine a lot of immigrant parents are. Most of what I see is in this “WOKE” culture. This feminine society where we are told to abolish masculine traits, that masculinity as a whole is toxic.

As you can tell, I find this idea absolutely repulsive.

These “white people”, who claim they are “fighting the patriarchy”, and acknowledge their privilege are fucking retards. Everything can’t be about feelings, bro. I know white people, specifically girls, usually they ae feminists, they support liberal views, and they’re spoiled. Because they are “not ugly” in appearance, they’ll get away with the most outrageous shit.

But listen here, I am not writing because I want to help men, I frankly don’t give a shit about men or women. Collectively, they even out to be alright people, but individually they are pieces of shit. THAT’S RIGHT, I SAID IT, Y’ALL PIECES OF STANKY ASS SHIT.

Let’s not get carried away, there are some great people and they don’t deserve being treated like shit, to be honest, people like me. An intellectual, not saying I am some prodigal genius, let’s face it, I’m 33. My best chance at getting a Nobel Prize, would be stealing one off of some nerd.

The amount of power that social media gives people, namely “social power”, like Instagram Models or influencers is absolutely ridiculous. Hilary Clinton tried to use social media, and yeah she may have gotten the popular vote in, but she still lost. I don’t care how attractive you are, if you don’t know how to treat me as a person, you can kindly fuck off.

Remember, I am not here to help people, especially not men.

I was a feminist at one point, a Democratic agenda pusher really (here in Canada, it’s more so alongside The Liberal Party of Canada). I was an advocate for the fair and equitable treatment of minority groups, I also worked under a female transgender “manager”. I wanted to focus more on disability and mental health rights, but shit went sideways when I wanted to experience being involved in a fraternity before I left university. She said no, as it discriminates against women, I didn’t agree and I went anyway.


I personally don’t see how it discriminates against women, she used the whole “well, the fraternity doesn’t let women in”; yeah no shit, just like a sorority won’t allow men in, because we’d all be fucking each other to be quite honest. Then I went on to create my own student group that focused on mental health, which had more of these weak problems, and eventually I graduated and became a solo activist while trying to gain employment, because well, I just graduated.

But I ended doing more school, because I suppose I love apply myself intellectually, I can’t really play sports or dance anymore, not like I used too. During this time, I saw the stranglehold that feminism had, yet they did nothing but promote female dominance. This wasn’t about equality, there are so many ways that women have oppressed men, and constantly beat out men SINCE EVER. There are so many male problems, many of which feminism has exasperated by deeming some of the ways we express ourselves or methods we use to get rid of stress AS TOXIC.

They make men feel bad, because we have certain situations or events that enter our lives, that we have to deal with OR CHOOSE TO DEAL WITH SO THE WOMEN IN OUR LIVES DON’T HAVE TO, yet when we go to blow off steam somewhere, that’s a no-no. One guy snaps at his girlfriend and beats her up, all of a sudden, the entire male gender is has some detrimental ingredient in their genome.

Oh, right, let’s call it testosterone.

Some men are pieces of shit, correction a lot of men are pieces of shit; yet that’s in your eyes babe. Women don’t have to live our lives, they just have to look good and show some of their tits once in a while, or wear tight forming suggestive pants. That’s the worst part, they don’t even have to show the entire breast, just like a little peek, just enough to get men to start thinking about sex, and it doesn’t even have to be with her, and men are already all fucked up. Women have that market locked, they are a monopoly when it comes to sex. They can entice a man to pursue them relentlessly, eventually get into having sex with them, then as soon as they don’t like something, they yell rape and that man’s entire life just got hit by a tornado. Or say that she wants to play the whole 18 holes, they get married, have a family he gets a great job, they have a couple of kids, then the kids get into a higher level of schooling, then she has an affair with a guy who can provide her and her kids with a better lifestyle, she cheats, gets caught, makes the man pay and he can’t see his kids as regularly because the woman said “he’s a neglectful parent”?

It’s bullshit, but I know there are guys who just fail at life, or have drug addictions or habits they can’t control or have had the courage to kick. They come home, something may set them off and they go to town on their wife or girlfriend. She’ll come out looking like Ronda Rousey just lost to Holly Holm. And this will go on for years, or the manipulative partner who has almost complete financial control and dominance that they get to call all the shots and if you left you’d be starting from the literal bottom of the pond, fighting your way back to get some breathing room. You’ll lose your house, your car, the bed you sleep in, the food you eat. I know it’s hard to say “fuck you, take all your money and your lifestyle” and leave, leave that life, those friends, it might even be that family you used to have.

The bottom line is, I’m not here to discriminate anyone in particular or fight for anyone the same. I am here writing, because I like to write, it helps me express myself especially after my injury.

So yeah, I was an MRA for a while. I was mainly online, the ways that women have CLEAR advantages over men and how many problems men and boys face are barely talked about, and when they are they are portrayed as nothing, things like male homelessness, suicide, failure to launch, how we guilt males into being disposable.

As you can tell, I’m fucking pissed. The other thing is that people want you to help them, but they don’t help you. Bartenders think that giving good customer service is something you have to earn, like respect. It’s not enough I had to earn the money that I am paying you, ugh whatever.

Just because I can’t play hockey anymore, doesn’t mean I don’t like hockey the sport and the culture surrounding hockey. Don Cherry was right, and “You people” that got offended by him just couldn’t handle you own guilt; and you blamed him.

Go fuck yourselves.

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