Why I Haven’t Written in a While

So I am trying to enjoy my time in journalism school.

There’s a problem.

The student body and members of the faculty are all mentally ill.


And they’re not getting help, instead they are relying on my destruction.

I write words, some have been labelled me some sort of propagandist, or a dictator.

I’ve been accused of advocating violence against women, and being a sex offender for referring to a faculty member as my #WCW.

I am really trying to hang on here, but I’m being treated as a criminal.

I have refrained from writing lately because I don’t want to exasperate this problem any further.

Trust me, I really, really want to write; Don Cherry got fired by Rogers Media and Sportsnet over some comments that people took offence to.

There’s a lot on my mind, but I have to keep it in because I know these people are watching.

I want to goat them to keep attacking me, my class hates me because I support a political party they didn’t like. So every single person didn’t join my group for a class assignment.

And I still tried to do a great fucking job. not that they even cared.

Bah, be back soon, promise. Oh, and in the case Centennial College staff or faculty is watching, you have permission to hug yourself.

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