The Polarity Exchange

A few years ago I heard this band, they had accompanied Sumo Cyco at the Bovine Sex Club. I had never heard of either band before that night, along with another great band Diemonds. Polarity was playing Cherry Colas sometime later that month; I had met Jasmine that night, and we chatted a bit. Needless to say, this band has been everywhere playing with bands like Maybe May, Anthem in Ashes, The Anti-Queens, Ioamir, and just recently New Years Day at The Mod Club.
I personally have been a long time fan, the album “Action Potential” has been on my gym playlist for a while. When I was doing Muay Thai, I drowned the gym every chance I got of Polarity; it gave off that much-needed vibe. The band drives your emotions up a hill just to have Jasmine change gears and take you plummeting down winding roads while you collect yourself off of the high; believe me, Jasmine takes you down gently making you understand, the hill lost out on a great opportunity riding with the devil (that’s you).
I’ve honestly been trying to get an interview with these guys for a while, it’s so hard to pin these guys down. Luckily, we exchanged emails back and forth, and over about a month period, we managed to catch some moments in between their album release tour, the work-life and eating. The amount of artistic talent that is put into every corner of this band is just jaw-dropping, not to mention how much love and inclusivity is in this band. It’s no wonder that in such a short time, they have become such a powerhouse.
. A – “So before we begin, it’s great to finally chat with one of the bands that started it all for me. Before I got into writing about music, I was a scrawny fan, who got a first full dose of Polarity at Cherry Colas. Talk me through the process of becoming the Polarity you are today.”
– Honestly its all about growth and perseverance throughout the years not just with the music but within our own selves. We practice and we always strive to be better than what we already are. We’ve also had line up changes that helped to influence and shape the music to what it is today and will continue to do so. 
A -“Tell me about what drives these lyrics, is it a group collaboration effort or is it solely just Jasmine tapping into her inner soul?”
– Jasmine writes all the lyrics and she helps to collaborate on the song direction. She and all of us always Tap into our inner soul to help create music 🙂 
A – “Animals, what’s your favourite animal. I don’t want to know why just give me the name and no one gets hurt.” (everyone in the band has to answer, or else it just lame)
 – Michael (Turtle), Deren (Falcon), Eric (Owl), Jasmine (Dog)

“I remember when I first saw Polarity on stage, Jasmine sang with such unabridged raw talent that seemed to resonate into the rest of the band. Intensity spilt over the edges of the stage filling the club end to end.”

A – So, you’ve been busy. A new album release, a tour, then playing The Mod Club with New Years Day. Sounds like quite the roller coaster, how do you manage not to lose your lunch along the ride?
The best thing we always try to keep in mind is that this is what we love to do and everything that we work for in the end will have a big payout. The only way to real success is through hard work and always keeping your eye on the goal and to us, a goal that keeps us focused is to be able to make music for a living and to tour the world through music. 
A – You talk about perseverance not only within music but also within yourselves. I know that bands like The Strangemakers, which has members who have felt the pressures of being in a band, have spoken about how sometimes they need to step back and just breathe. Can you elaborate on the different ways you embody perseverance?
Every member as you know does need time to step back and breathe too. Fortunately, every one of us has a side gig that not only gives us the space we need but also helps us to live on while we’re still building the band. Jasmine and Eric are both certified fitness trainers and Jasmine also does visual art that she sells too (check out Deren our bassist works as a recording producer /engineer and I myself teach piano and guitar music lessons as well as martial arts to kids. 
A – The lyrics to your songs are full of raw emotions, in a song from your previous album “Rotator”, we experience a roller coaster ride of what I would call a typical relationship. The whole album delves into your mind and causes you to explore every crevice, does your new album involve the same self-reflection or are you satisfied with how “woke” your audience is?
Our music always strives to bring the listener on an audible journey. As our sound continues to grow and evolve so do we as individuals and we certainly hope the audience does as well. 
A – Are there any plans to expand into the western part of Canada, or even down south to our American friends?
Next year we’re planning to expand out to either the east coast or even Europe. We would love to venture out west or even to the states but logistically they’re harder due to travel distance and legal visa details. We’re definitely planning on something bigger next year so stay tuned. 


A – Your music videos and photographs are utterly stunning, there isn’t a question here; I just felt you need to know.
Thanks so much, we try 🙂 
What bands do you guys listen to, are there any Beliebers in Polarity?
We have a ton of bands we listen to. I’ll just list some here but the list is really endless: Tool, Deftones, Meshuggah, Periphery, Thrice, Rush, Pantera and The Contortionist. And absolutely No Beliebers lol
A – Damn, I guess I’m alone then. Rock The Coliseum is quickly approaching, and this has been a hallmark event in your hometown of Mississauga. It wasn’t until I first heard of you that I was made aware of this event. It’s entirely free to watch, and this year you’re going to play with the band that started it all for me, The Anti-Queens. How does it feel being able to give back to your hometown, and share your music with and inspire the new generation of musicians growing up?
It means the world to us as like you said it allows us to give back to a community we love and thrive in and it gives us a chance to help younger potential future rock stars to be inspired and to help them grow. 
A – Definitely want to thank you for taking the time, especially with this unorthodox interview. I look forward to the show at Rock The Coliseum!
Thank you very much, Andrew, we’re looking forward to seeing you again! 

Catch Polarity along with other of my favourite bands and headliner The Creepshow with my good friend Chuck Coles (I think that’s his name) Friday, August 9th. Be sure not to miss this, oh by the way it’s free AND all ages!

RTC 2019

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