How hard it is.

To be a writer, not even just a writer; creative writer. There literally has to be new ideas or stories (that are usually tangible in experience) in which you can feed off of. As if life experience is the nourishment you need to survive, so you have to consume, and consume; just shoving your mouth spoonful after spoonful of (hopefully) ingenious content.

On top of that, you have to have some take on it, a particular perspective that makes you want to be read. It’s like being sociable in a sense, you have to possess something that grabs people. Creativity is an arduous task, it’s not cake walk. The worst thing that can happen, you get an illness; or an an STD. When you have a head cold, or your mind is clouded; there is literally nothing you can do. For me I turn into a baby, what other men would describe as a little bitch.

I am not apologizing for that, I get sick maybe twice a year, for the duration of 2-3 days. That’s at max 6 days a year, I think 350 days of non sickness is not bad a bad trade-off. The problem that I have with being sick, is that I lose momentum. Whatever I am planning, whether it be big or small, has to be put away on the back burner. It’s a tedious drawback that we all have to deal with, but when you are a creative; that could mean you’re going to miss important opportunities.

It feels like you actually fall off the earth for what seems to be an eternity. Every day I miss feels like a week that I am throwing out the window, and it’s true because every day I miss, there is a thousand different things occupying peoples mind now. Even if I wasn’t something of interest, I’m going to have to claw my way back into the mix of things.

Anyway, I don’t have an STD. I have succumbed to a violent fucking flu, and when I say violent I mean I was in bed wearing a sweater and PJ’s, 2 blankets and a heater; and that’s what it took to get my body at a comfortable state. My head pounded all around the brain, like a perimeter hurt wall. I was unbalanced, I was shaking like a heroin addict on withdrawal. But I’m getting better now, so I can continue to write, I have some film reviews coming up, festivals to cover. Anti-feminist “propaganda”, and ridiculous antics that I find mildly fascinating.

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