Well the white girl with the toque, I was in those mosh pit (I know, not the safest place for a disabled guy to be) and there was shoving, bumping and a lot of shoe stepping. Thankfully I chose my sneakers.

So There are two girls that were talking in the crowd and I wanted to get to the front, sooooo I said excuse me to the one white girl with the toque, and he shorter friend and went on by. Then it began.

Waves of momentum, left to right, back and forth. The pushing, the shoving, and then; out of no where the girls pop in! And now we are all in the mix, then one girl stops. And basically stands there, yet I am still getting tossed.

Then the momentum changed, and now I am right behind this girl, basically giving it to her.


It wasn’t planned, she is an attractive girl (who was so soft) but I’m not going to lose control of myself and start grinding up on her.

So I basically got forced into rape.

Question. If I get physically forced into sexual assaulting someone, no matter how good it feels; isn’t that sexual assault on it own? Didn’t I get assaulted as well?

Forcing me to rape is rape in of it’s self. Now she didn’t say anything but I can imagine the rumours that are going to be spread now. But what is she doing in the mosh pit, is it weird I don’t feel any remorse or guilt?



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