NYC, Justice League. I am Batman. But I don’t want to save the world.

Let’s start of by saying the NYC subway line is very complex yet amazing! The first train I got on just blew my mind. The way it was set up was so simple yet so fucking awesome. They have a lot of hot girls, like amazingly hot girls, and that Brooklyn accident; next of I have to go to Boston.

The cities were much more packed, but it made me feel like Toronto as a city, is, well; underdeveloped. Haha then I come back to Scarborough and wonder what has become of my life. Then I look at my father and begin to realize, “oh“.

So there is this thing I do, when it’s Tuesdays the movies are cheap so I go and watch one. I missed the premier of Justice League in NYC, there was a guy dressed up at Captain America (you can be a stickler and say that Cap’ is from an entirely different universe, so that’s wrong all together). I saw the movie when I got back, and I must say

“Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) is

the most gorgeous character


The whole movie is a comic book movie though, so the way the story was scripted and unfolded was predictable. The comedy was rather unique, and Aquaman didn’t turnout to be that bad of a character. He definitely took a different look from the comic book and was tattooed like a Samoan, but hey, it’s fucking 2017; get with the times.

It’s like the people who just don’t like to try new things had a huge problem with Domino being black.

Domino Deadpool 2

Not as attractive as the mystery girl I saw at The Museum of Sex in NYC, yet I still think she deserves a shot at acting as “Domino”.

Lastly, I hate abusive people. I hate people who follow abusive people, I hate people who pick on other people because they are unhappy in their lives so they make it hard for other people. I think they call those bullies.

Yet I don’t have enough to get into that right now.

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