The weeks’ run down.

So as you know I was offered a position of author on another blog, called The Educational Blog. Although the blog hasn’t given me credit yet, I really haven’t wrote anything yet. Just what I plan to write about this week.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, I actually like doing banking stuff. Needless to say my favourite thing to do is game theory and psychology (cognitive social stuff). Society respects money more than it does people or itself.

Okay maybe more than itself.

So I’m planning to do two or three entries on the blog this week, on money, then banks and their role, ending with bank runs. Then in either the following week or two weeks, I want to hammer out some entries on financial crises; Greece and USA for certain.

However I may want to cover a lot of the different financial instruments of the US financial meltdown. It’s interesting to me to see how these international monetary systems affect each other. Hands down the US screwed us all over, thanks.

The blog’s link is on my front page, under that beautiful decor in the mens washroom at The Hardluck.


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