Happening this week. (23/01/17)

Okay the weekend that just passed had the Trump inauguration and the subsequent Woman’s day march, or protest however you look at it. There were ridiculous protests happening, and they had some very influential and inspiring speakers; so I have read about. I’ve also seen some ridiculous pictures of women dressing with vaginas on their heads, but men are the childish ones.

Along with the Trump shenanigans, I spend most of my  weekends talking on twitter about mental health (more specifically, mental disorders like schizophrenia) and it seems quite erroneous that regular people are associating trump with schizophrenia. This is not cool, because you’re taking asshole qualities, and smacking schizophrenia to it. 

That’s basically saying “it’s okay for him to be a shitty person, he has schizophrenia” and therefore we are allowing people to be jackasses, ruining our empathy for real patients. As if that’s the norm for mentally ill patients, they have to be cruel people.

Anyways, Wednesday at 7pm is Bell Let’s talk day; it’s about opening up about mental health and why we should. I am going to tune in and check it out and try to contribute online to through the discussions, which should be happening all over Twitter. So keep an eye out, if you’re going to be watching or on twitter look for @nowyouthink and @itskognitive.

This weekend I went to a rock show @ The Silver Dollar Room. The venue was great and I missed the first band but the others still made for a great show. The last band I had NO idea what the lead singer was saying, but he played super well. They are called “Cellphone” and musically they are great. Lyrically, I couldn’t tell you. The band above me is “Yi” and the lead singer is named Jesse. Super cool girl, if you ever get to run into her tell Andrew says “Hello”.

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