The Election has finally come to an end.

The American Electoral race, where the voting commenced yesterday November 8th resulted in a surprising victory of Donald Trump being named the 45th president of the United States of America. Well surprising to some.

I am actually waiting until I can get some time to access the full data set of the voters. There gives me insight into what kind of policies and political strategy was effective to which group. I have had Americans say to me that the reason that Hilary lost is because the dumb white Americans can out to vote. There was also people who didn’t support Trump refer to coming to Canada as a last resort option.

As if we are not the greatest Country in the world. Of course that’s arguable, as Denmark is considered the happiest country in the world? Doesn’t matter, Canada was never given much respect from the states.

I think that really if you supported Hilary, you were a truly a woman (as quoted by my friend Katrina).

So this brings me to another question, was this just another way for the feminist and social justice warriors to further their initiatives? I mean it really seems like it, you had Upworthy and Huffington post all over the campaign endorsing Hilary and bashing Trump.

Below is a endorsement graphic from Mashable.https-blueprint-api-production-s3-amazonaws-com-uploads-card-image-264124-political_endorsements_final

Well I guess this just proves with a team like Tyson, Hogan, Seagal and Norris; you just won’t lose. Remembrance day is November 11th and I hope you remember to wear a poppy, and give some thanks to those who fought tirelessly for your freedoms.

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